Our family

Our family

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just some sweet pictures from the weekend. I love the 4 spidermen, Mark kept his PJ's on all day, he loved them so much. One just has to wonder what Cara is up to while all of these do-gooder spidermen are engaged in a photo op...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I step out onto the path to start my run,
The crisp wind lifts the leaves and whips them into a funnel,
carrying the unique scent of freshness that the fall air holds.
Something about this scene or the air,
and for an instant I am transported to another time.

I am my 15 year old self standing on a street in Syosset
wearing my corduroy jean jacket, my hair blowing back from my face.

I inhale deeply and begin to run.
Briefly glancing over my shoulder I see that shimmery girl,
she smiles
and I am deeply relieved to see
that she is proud of who we have become.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cara does the Museum of Natural History

Is Cara in time out at the Museum of Natural History? Did Princess Cara Sophia get sent to the corner? No, no breathe easy, precious did not get put in the doghouse. This is her posing for a picture. She just found the museum to be an unbearable bore.
She was unimpressed with the 30 foot 3D renderings of African elephants preferring to have us watch her do pirouettes about the room. While stars exploded and meteorites fell on movie screens behind her, she wanted us to watch as she jumped from bench to bench. When the Imax theater re-enacted death matches between dinosaurs on a screen 7 stories high, Cara darted between Steve and I begging for candy and attention.
Ah Cara, always the star of the show, you will not be out shined by some long dead, fakes hanging around some dark old Museum.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to school

No, I don't dress them the same everyday. Just for this first day back, oh and the second day, but not today, their third day in. This third day feels more like the first one, because today they stay all day. They are going to eat lunch there! Matthew told me that maybe next year he would eat lunch and dinner at school. I told him no way!

Matthew was very unhappy about leaving me today. He likes school, but being the bright boy that he is, he understood that it would be his first long day away from home. We were saved by his teacher Ms.Shelley, she walked by us with the class and offered to be his partner, I could see the relief in Matthew's eyes when he spotted her and she took his hand. She took a moment to tell me how good Matthew was yesterday in school. I am proud to report that I kept a look of utter surprise off my face! No, Matthew is a good boy.

So this morning they left with a quarter in their pockets for milk, lunches packed in superhero lunch bags and a snack. I showed them what they were to eat for snack and what they are to eat for lunch. There backpacks stuffed with school supplies.

Matthew told me he put his backpack in his cubby yesterday, but left the lunch bag on his chair, so he could remember which seat is his. Smart.

I have not gotten any work done, and did not sleep last night, I am on anxiety overdrive. I am so excited for them, because I know how much they will love school, but I am keeping my eye on the clock waiting impatiently for 2:30 so I can go pick them up.

The boys are in separate classes but will eat lunch together and have recess together. Yesterday was a half day so they only had snack no lunch, Matthew was upset that he didn't get to eat snack with Christopher.

The babies have told me they want to go to school, especially Mark, he hates for the family to be seperated.

Guess what? I can go get the boys now! No more pretending to work! Thanks for helping me pass the time!