Our family

Our family

Monday, December 8, 2008

Deck the Halls or just Deck Santa

So we have decked the halls in no small way. We have even baked those damn sugar cookies and let the 5 kids have at them with 4 different colored icings, chocolate chips, jelly beans and sprinkles. We took a harrowing trip to the city to freeze our petunias off and get our annual Christmas shot, as well as open the advent calendar doors everyday. Yet my kids who seem to be full of festive frenzy seem to go back and forth between complete obliviousness as to what the fuss is about and a remarkable terrible attitude toward the holiday.

Me "Cara what are we doing today"
Cara 'cleaning" as I pan a living room full of boxes, and a floor full of ribbons, and garland.
Me "no. What are we getting ready for?"
Cara " Halloween!!!"
Let me try a different kid. "Mikey who is coming to our house?"
Mikey " Bethanie?"
Me "mo."
Mikey "ohh Sara and her friends!"
Me to myself yes that is why we are decking the damn halls for your cousin!

Me " Mark is Santa coming to our house soon"
Mark " I don't like Santa I will punch him in the face!"
Me "but he will bring you presents!"
Mark " I don't want presents"
Mikey " I want seaweed"
Chris " there is no Santa it is your mom and dad Ha ha ha ha haha!"
Matthew " I am getting a lump of coal right mom?"

Oh my.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Made it!

Yes we made it. And Chris walked up to the podium. He stepped up onto the stool provided for him. With a strong voice he read the words, certainly the youngest reader chosen. His voice filled that church and the woman next to me said 'oh that boy is so cute!" and I said "he is my son!"
A Great night!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh tanembaum

"So did they tell you anything about the tree lighting ceremony at choir practice yesterday?"
"no." Two innocent and exhausted faces answer back.
A non-committal shrug.
However this morning was a new story. "we can't wear jeans, only red or grean colors, we have to be there at 5Pm or 7 or something. We are going to be marching with candles and lighting a big tree outside" As they run around happy to be a part of anything Christmas related at this point.
"oh yea I remember something about marching with candles on Hillside Ave" Steve very unhelpfully puts in.
You remember something, isn't this your religion? Your boyhood church? How come I am the one running in circles to get all of the kids prepared and on time?
Okay, so I have 6 clients to see today, and work issues to work out. But all of my kids will be there dressed in red or green at 5 or 7PM and we will rock that Church ceremony tonight!