Our family

Our family

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A foriegn exchange studet? Are you crazy?

Ok, so some things have changed since this picture was taken some 8 years ago. Part of my reason for not blogging the incredible journey of this family was because I couldn't even access this account.  And forget getting pictures off of my phone or camera.  But maybe I can just do it.

Steve points out that today we sent three "senior" off to school.  The triplets are off to 5th grade, Mark dutifully handing me a thermometor to just make sure he wasn't too sick to attend.  The twins to 8th grade and Martina our newest member to her senior year of high school.

The summer had some highlights and some serious lowlights.  With the lows setting the mood for the house.  Taking on a foriegn exchange student may not have been a direct answer to this sadness, but I do think it factored in.

Preparing for Martina's arrival I at first kept it a low profile, because I though so many people would say "what are your crazy?" and for good reason.  I complain about work, taking classes and running the kids around, so what is the upside of taking on more?   Well honestly I would complain if all I had to do was lounge around the house all day eating those proverbial bon-bons..so I don't feel that the amount I complain can't be a good litmus test for descisions.

The family was on board so we wanted to try.  I like to take things on, to run the 10k, to try to learn to sew, to go on that vacation and climb that mountain.  Why? because it is there to be done.  I think I did get lucky however. Has the days counted down to arrival I had my doubts and my lost sleep..why did I do this? I know if she is a mess, it will be my fault and my fault alone, no one would want to hear my complaints they would just roll there eyes and say "what an idiot, I would have never put my family in this position"

Never having spoken to her, never. We went to pick her up on a Friday night. I stepped forward and hugged her, becuase if I was nervous how must she feel?  Then we all in turn hugged her. We were all nervous, but we plowed through and even the kids felt at ease on the ride home and were able to speak to her and Cara gave her a beanie boo that matched hers, so fast friends were made.

I think the idea is to look at this in two ways...either this is crazy to take on more work/potential problems, or this will be such a great experience for your family.  But I think at the end it is both potential problems and more work as well as a great experience.  But really isn't almost everything you take on, more work and possible a good experience?