Our family

Our family

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alexa is here!

Wow this summer feels like it is slipping away from me. I can't believe that the boys start FIRST GRADE! Wow! At least we are ending on a good note, with Alexa visiting with us for 2 weeks. It has been great to really get to know that fun-loving, crazy girl. She has added a lot of laughter to our house and has been just great to have around.
We didn't get do too much new stuff, though we made it to the beach, the sprinklers at the park, the pool, a little shopping, 2 outdoor movies and a concert at the park. We baked a very cool sponge Bob cake, and celebrated Steve' birthday. Of course she was a big help to Sofi, and helped her bring the kids to the playground quite a few times.

I am glad that we have a few more days of her wacky, fun, fashionable cousin in the house!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good weekend

Okay, if that picture does not crack you up, you have lost your sense of humor all together. What a great day Friday at the zoo was. Just perfect with me and my three chickadees. They were all in great moods and could not have been better company.

I especially enjoyed stopping by the Puma cage, where we found out they can weigh up to 200lbs. I said wow even dad doesn't weigh 200 lbs, and Mikie pipes up "yeah but mommy does". Take it easy their little man.

The whole weekend was great, especially walking on the boardwalk at Jones beach Sunday night. The moon was this great orange color. It was relaxing and beautiful, holding hands with Chris and Mark, wowing at the night sky over the vast, black ocean.