Our family

Our family

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you commenters!

I don't want to blow my cover and reveal my airheadness to the world, but I never knew anyone left a comment. I thank all of you who did from the bottom of my heart. I never imagined that anyone besides my loyal niece Bethanie and my brother who pointed out my grammatical and spelling errors ( I try to pass them off as typos). Though I believed this was my harsh reality, in my escapist fantasy mode I do like to imagine that I am a world famous author that everyone cannot wait to here from! So thanks for feeding my always hungry ego by reading my little blog!

Thank you for your comments Alexa, Stacy, Nana, Lucy, Courtney, the Town Criers and Rachel from Someday is Now, her blog is Ma Juenesse and just to be sure she is much cooler than me!

times they are a-changin's

Well what a difference 3 years can make, when all of the kids were small, I thought that was my life, though I knew they would grow, having so many little kids was just a fact I mean it was 7 years of having a lot of little kids. Ahhh but alas they did grow and now I have 5 elementary kids. And though I am reasonably sure that one day I will have 5 HS age kids, I feel so wrapped up in this that it seems that these times could never change. And honestly just like when they were littler I would be cool with that. It is hectic and sometimes stressful, but it is a full and interesting life. I have learned much more about areas, perimeters, density, handwriting and history then I ever thought possible. I take magical train rides with Santa, tour caverns, and battle ships, breakfast with Santa, ice skate, sing Christmas carols, study religion, read the classics like Oliver twist, Huckleberry Fin, Desperaux, and My Side of the Mountain not to mention, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and 3 Billy Goats Gruff. And honestly most of this I did in the month of December which will only scratch the surface of interesting new things my kids will show me this month.

I know it is corny but in all honesty I wanted to have kids so I could share with them some of the things I love in this world, I would actually picture me walking hand in hand with a kid and pointing to a great monument in some unidentified but wonderful city and we would be happy. As it turns out they are really bringing a lot of the world to me where we both learn something, but at least the happy part still stands!

Now some of the latest gems

Cara you shouldn't give mom a hard time, you and mom are BFF friends! -Mark
She looked me correctly in the eyes-Cara

I'm not gonna put this finger in the air (thumb) its the bad guy finger- no its not- oh then this one (index finger) - no not that one- then which one is the bad guy finger?- Mark

that was a half bath-leaving Aunt Ruth's bathroom -Matthew

how much are you gonna offer them- leaving a house hunting- mark

That belt represents all my hard work and training - describing his white Tae Kwon do belt after promotion to yellow belt- Christopher

How about this, if Mark has a problem I'll call you -after I called Matt's cell phone to check on Mark,disrupting
his kick ball game.

Who will be the mommy in my family?- Micheal

How do you find the person you will Marry? - 3 years ago Matthew

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well the highest of holidays have come and gone once again. This revered celebration and the boon of party cities everywhere was a three day event. Parties and junk food in abundance. Unfortunately Mikie was down with Scarlet Fever. So crazy right, sounds as archaic as the Black Plague. So he and I slept much of the holiday away (sympathy sleeping on my part, I am a dedicated momma)

The house looked great, scary music, five jack o' laterns lining the walk, and of course the remote control rat...gets them everytime. Matthew won a mummy contest at one party as evidenced by the pictures above. The boys even told some great Halloween jokes at their den meeting.

The insessent house shopping also continues. I was impressed when Matthew commented that his Aunt Ruth's bath was a half bath, but to top this is Mark with, "this is the trap, the sewer trap", and "what should we offer them for this place?" I mean he is five!

On to the rest of this great holiday season!

Friday, October 1, 2010

advent calanders

Yes it is only October 1st, but it is on my mind. Maybe it is because my forward planning mind has forced, okay he is bigger than me, so forced maybe the wrong word but I don't' like nagged Steve into ordering the costumes for the Most Reverent Holiday Ever so early that I can begin nagging, I mean reminding Steve and everyone else about the next Most Reverent Holiday ever. I've always like advent calenders. I remember loving this ritual and even past college my great and by that I mean fantastic aunt sending me an advent calender in the mail. A reminder of tradition, when I was far from it life wise.
Now I see wooden advent caladers which, I'm not sure about, I mean one advent for all 5: I usually get two one for each "set" Plus I used to love seeing all of the designs a reminder of Christmas like the smell of tape, that wrapped each present.
In the past I have experienced what the young might term Epic Failure in the terms of decent advent calenders. Okay not all true last year I got the ones with chocolate from the dollar store. Really I had found them two years ago and bought four of them. Oh there it is i served them all one year old chocolate for advent, and they were ugly. Not the chocolate it wasn't ugly the calenders were, must I clarify everything?

Okay so I would like to make a strong showing this year. Where can I get not permanenet advent calenders? Besides the dollar store people. Now It is early but when I lived on the UES ther was a German deli that would have them and be sold out early, and as a single twenty something early may have been December 24Th, who knows, but here I am now, all grown up and hoping to score the kids a good Advent Calendar. So where do you get these?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Virgina is for Lovers, how awkward is that?

Virginia is for Lovers! How awkward is that motto? People drive around with that on bumper stickers on their cars. Well now I can now say that I am a lover of Virginia. Yes. Yes I am.

The week managed to move forward in much the same way it began. Generally getting up each day to face down another day of fun. The kids were awesome and now we were able to ride so many rides with all of us! How fun is that? I did not spend the days sitting outside of kiddie rides watching the triplets twirl around in cars, helicopters, boats, motorcycles, planes, and various animals. No they were ready for big kid water slides and amusment park rides. Another pleasant suprise was Busch Gardens itself. Certainly not 6 Flags it was actually pretty!

Separated into countries with rides, shows, restaurants and stores in each. We ate at the ale house a huge space and a cute show. However the best of Germany was DarKastle. Off to Ireland for a great step dance show, which minutes before the start brought our own Christopher out of obscurity in a crowd of about 1,000 to center stage!

We had some great rides and Christopher hit his first ever roller coaster the Lock Ness ( which I edit to say he went back again for another turn on our return visit) , Matthew could not find a ride scary enough as even the roller coasters failed to make him hesitate! Steve and I could have shopped the cute stores for hours, but rushed in an out we did manage to purchase 3 light sabors and 2 traditional swords.

Water country USA was empty. No lines run up to any ride and on. We had a great time once Mark and Mike got there sea legs. Cara needed no transition and was seriously on the scariest rides notably the rampage. I will add that as I waited a mom and I got to talking. I told her that my 5 year old girl was on the ride. She looked at me like I was dirt and said " I would never let my 5 year old on that ride, and promptly ended an other wise nice conversation. Thats the great thing about being a mom, everyone cares deeply about your decisions. Eventually 4/5 kids tackled this monster ride, as Mike made his way on during our return trip.

Coming back to the condo for dinner was relaxing. The kids out of wet clothes and into PJ's for a quick pasta dinner, some TV and bed.

And this trip so far was voted either better than or the same amount of fun as the revered Myrtle Beach trip. this is impressive indeed.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Do you think that your luck can change? Or that there is anything called luck at all? I am not a big believer of luck, as the child of protestant Midwesterners, I was brought up in the "boot strap" philosophy, closely in line with the "you make you own luck" philosophy. But I actually felt my luck change this week and stay good for days (well 2 days thus far) things you can't control for.

Okay so to the beginning and a long ago planned vacation, which would have been swept under the carpet if we hadn't paid in advanced. We would have sold ourselves on the always disappointing staycation. Because it is the reasonable and good thing to do, when you are trying to sell you home, have 5 kids to raise and responsibilities to meet. But like I said we paid ahead.

So off we set accompanied by too much preparation, expectations, anxiety, tediousness, yelling and frustration.

First stop, NJ turnpike for some nourishment. Crowded, bad food, excited kids, tired parents. Not an illustrious beginning. So where is the change in luck? The silver lining you are waiting for so expectantly?

Here it is: We can't make it to Williamsburg VA before dinner. Another stop. I'm still sick from the last meal (which after so much time, fast food still looks tempting on the menu). Steve pulls off. What? the sign said the there was a MCD's but no. Nothing just picnic tables and bathrooms. But ya know we packed food for the condo. So a picnic was had. And it was good, and the kids ran. And we didn't need to keep counting them. And the moods lifted.

We made our way to Williamsburg pull into the condo development AKA Williamsburg Plantation. And it was pretty. We had gotten a good deal which can mean a bad place. So we were nervous. But open the door and wow it is pretty big, two beds, two baths. with a sauna, whirlpool, fireplace, deck, backyard, full kitchen, dinning room ,and living room. Clean, nice.

Its late we sleep. The next day is for organizing our week, and a haunted dinner, with finesse the triplets are free. This is a meal that would have cost them 30 bucks a piece. For what, a plate of mac n' cheese and a few rolls? So a good start.

Is this luck or what? No, just the beginning. We want to hit the major attractions but with 7 people pricey. But Steve, the smart guy, surfs the Internet and Viola. The most unbelievable deal on an unlimited 7 day pass for all of us. This mean Busch Gardens, Water country USA and Colonial Williamsburg.

Has our luck changed? I don't know. We had a rough time. It was hard so many little ones, the endless au pairs, ya know life. Could this be an upturn? I can't help but feel like that it might mean the beginning of enjoying a more ordinary life. One of simple pleasures and more breathing room.

I try not to cause its silly, but think maybe its all a good omen, a fresh start. and so close to the brink of buying a new house. It feel like, well like a change in our luck

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh so good

And when they were good they were very,very good.........

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cara doesn't want to go to school. I don't mean she gets a little cranky, or whiny, I mean kicking screaming, punching I don'wanna go to SCHOOL! variety. It is loud and it is messy. One of us will need to be medicated soon. Maybe even Mark will need a dose or two. He is not happy with any show of emotion and these scenes has him worked up. Cara was also using the "breathing machine" or nebulizer during this particularly trying time. Christopher developed what he appropriately labeled a theory: The medicine Cara was receiving from the breathing machine must be making her hyper and in turn making her flip our about school. The next morning I prepared the nebulizer and Mark came running into the room yelling "no !don't give that to her, it makes her over-active and then she don' wanna go to school!" now if you have ever spoken to Mark you will know the big-eyed, expressive, hand gesturing emotional outburst this was. He had heard Chris's theory and was a true believer.

All of the kids really are in tune to each other and take on each persons problem as best they can. Honestly Mark and Matthew berate Michael because his eating habits are poor (to say the least). Lecturing him everyday on the perils of poor nutrition (seriously). Or a warning from me that playing with your straws at the restaurant was "bad manners". I overhear Mark warning Chris about "bad manners" 10 minutes later.

Once again at the dr.'s for a check up Michael stoically takes his shot but completely losses it when Mark had to be held down for his shot. Mikie is in the corner crouching with his hand over his mouth shouting "don't hurt my brother!"

Matthew shouts "where's Cara?!" as we leave Chucky Cheese, thinking she got left behind.
As panicked as I would be at the thought of leaving her behind. Matthew of all of the kids has more incidents of helping siblings then everyone else combined. He is a leader (some may say bossy) and can have a quick temper but the flip side is this or maybe the same side of the coin is his take charge attitude. Mark wants the balloon tied to the bed? Matt's on it, Cara is stressed, Matt will negotiate her problem for her.

Now, a few weeks later, and Mark is home sick. He missed the book fair and Michael spent some of his book money picking a book for Mark.

So many nights of Chris reading the triplets their good night books, sharing his best toys.

Between bitter arguements over prized(for the milisecond) toys and even a few punches thrown it never fails to move me to see this basic compassion between eachother!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow day

The snow is falling, the smell of freshly baked brownies fills the air. Matthew, Christopher and leo are playig trouble, Cara is playing Lego Star Wars and Mark and Mike are playing match box.
The snow has been shoveled and Cara's nails have been painted 5 different colors. A lazy, relaxing day. It is hard to believe that these types of days exist at our busy house. Far from being bored all I feel is grateful, for the happy kids, the peace for the gift of an ordinary day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So I have hijacked the Bo family memoirs to bring you this important news; this blogs number one fan, is engaged to be married. These great pictures were brought to you from the amazing, fun party to celebrate this fantastic engagement news.

Bethanie the bride to be is a cousin of the 5 amigos, but has often acted the part of caring aunt. Babysitting and reveling in each of thier accomplishment as only she can.

Now at the tender age of 22 ahe is setting her 'grown-up" life in order. We are all so proud and the 5 amigos are consumed with talk of her kissing Pete in a church no less!
We welcome Pete into the ever expanding familly that now conatains so many last names but will always in my heart be the Kissinger's.

Congratulations you two wild and crazy kids all the love and blessings of this world be with you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

life gets in the way

Now there is no doubt that I am long overdue for furniture. Anyone who has visited the house of Bo in the past well 5 years may have at first felt, well these couches have seen better days; to I will not sit on that monstrosity if it were the last place on earth to sit (the later reserved for our more dramatic friends and family).

It is a strange mix of this is how I live, and you will not tear this penny free from my clenched fist that has caused the situation to get dire.

Well that and you know life. For example the beautiful and articulate trips turning yikes 5, articulate as in the "these are my buttnocks!" and "another way of saying cool dude is stinky brother" variety. There was the three parties to plan in their honor. Do you think three is not enough? Yes then I do agree with you, my faithful reader. There was the class fiesta, which entails finding the breakaway cupcakes that look like a cake.. enough for 2 classes oh no, only vanilla after specific requests for chocolate. Panic and traversing of the streets of queens followed by a phone call to three 5 year olds to assess their commitment to chocolate and when noticeably the whole articulate thing goes out the proverbial window. When do they catch on that phone calls cannot include head shakes?

Then there was the family party and mom you would be proud there was the hunt for the gifts and all! Along with a water park themed cake because last, but oh no poor wallet, not least trip to Great Wolfe Lodge. Whose pricey price tag was justified alone by the no cleaning, checking of email or other petty household distractions added up to Bo family fun!
Then of course was poor Christopher Tonsillectomy and adenoid-ectemy. A horrible ordeal with thank God a speedy recovery.

Oh yes through this was the hiring of a cleaning crew..awesome right? Cheap and good the answer to my prayers. Hey not so fast.. the hitting on by the cleaning crew leader to my au pair has ended the relationship in awkward terms. So let's breath..it is little wonder that I am just happy with a place to sit after the kids go down with little regard to aesthetics? Perhaps we are just to busy living and honestly between it all loving this life!