Our family

Our family

Monday, October 27, 2008

What a weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! First up, Friday night, with a drive by on a house decorated to the hilt, with music and matching light show to boot. Mark was not down with it at all, and he has made it clear many times before that we should never,ever leave the house after dark. According to him there are foxes, bears, witches and dinosaurs out after the sun sets. This outing only confirmed his beliefs. In fact on a recent trip to Bear mountain he said, he would only fight baby bears, that daddy bears were for me and Steve to fight.
After the light show we went home to carve up our own pumpkin. Last year Steve was came up with the great idea of using power tools to carve the pumpkins. The kids had 2 choices happy or scared. I don't mean with their behavior but with the pumpkin expressions. This year he opted for a very fancy design kit. I will feature this pumpkin in our Halloween spooktacular posting.

Sat. was Mikie's and Cara's dance recital. They make quite a todo about it, and though neither seem to be aware that they are supposed to do anything but stand in front of the crowd and smile (at least Cara) or not (like Mikie). In fact Mikie is only up there in front of the crowd based on some vague notion that I will give him chocolate when it is over. They don't actually do any dancing at all, but damn they are the cutest kids in the class. Cara totally looks the part, but she knows one move and she just busts it out randomly. So while everyone else from the class is clumsily moving about Cara stares at the crowd and smiles and busts a move from time to time unrelated to the rest of the class and Mikie scowls at the crowd, waiting to be released.
Well after the congratulations and treats are handed out we head home. To do what? to pimp out our little tykes kitchen. We were given this kitchen a few years ago by my sister, she had rescued it from a neighbors garbage (once a Kissinger, always a Kissinger). We spend the morning painting it up black, green and yellow, and then applied pirate stickers! Now it is a kitchen representing the majority of budding chefs in my house.
Steve then left for Boston.
Ah but our fun was not done. That night was a party. A Halloween party! From 7-10. Now as many of you know my kids are all asleep by 8 on any given night. But not this night. They donned their costumes: five brave Rangers: Pink, green, white, and 2 reds and we were off. It was a church basement party with a BYOB clause for the gownups! And party we did! There was dancing and mummy contests, candy and junk food to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. We headed home in the pitch dark and in the rain I had to carry 3 kids up to their beds from the car!
But we were not done yet. The next day was the Halloween festival. So after a breakfast of half raw pancakes we were back into costumes for a day of partying! With bouncy houses, popcorn, candied apples, hay rides and carnival games. Only once were 2 of my kids announced as missing their parents. I am sure that the good natured DJ was surprised that I was not relieved but irritated at Matt and Chris for reporting me MIA after all they are 6, I can't be keeping track of them all day, they should be keeping track of me! Ah those poor boys.
We left and got pizza momma also got laryngitis! 4 more days until Steve returns, I hope we can limp through to the bitter end!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

my head hurts!

After putting out a dinner that took a chunk of the afternoon to cook, and it of course being largely ignored, It was time for baths, pj's a little movie, snack and finally brushing teeth and bed.

I had the triplets, and honestly I move them quickly through the paces. Brush your teeth, pick a book, read the books, rock each kid and into bed.

And tonight was to be no different. I have a headache and a toothache and wanted then down. So while Mark is curled up on my lap listening to my book I touched my head and said "wow my head really hurts" more to myself then to my 3 year old in footie pajamas. But he said "oh weally? you head hurt?"
"yeah sweetie momma's head hurts."
'you want take my medicine? it red" He is so concerned.
Cara walks over and says "maybe I kiss it?" So I lean down for a kiss and go back to reading the book. The whole time Cara strokes my hair.
You wonder which moments you choose to rush through. It is so often the bedtime routine that I dread that ends up being the calmest and most connecting of all of the moments of the day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just Be

A few weeks ago I was putting the triplets to bed. Part of the routine is that I sit with them for a few minutes while they drift off. I sometimes use this quiet time to pray. Which may sound a little more profound then what it is. Anyway. I usually have a few things that I feel bad about, mostly lack of patience with the kids. And of course my list of requests, good health for family and friends, perseverance, some strength, you get the picture.
This night I looked up and their is Mark sitting up in bed, hands folded, whispering. Now I know he as just mimicking me, and not truly praying but it got me to send up a new prayer. This one says, please, if Mark is praying don't let him think he needs to be forgiven for anything, or to request anything...let him just feel your love him just the way he is.
I almost felt panicked that Mark may think he has failed in any way, I wouldn't want him to spend a minute feeling inadequate. Really Mark it is over, the milk was spilled and cleaned up. I am not angry, you are great. Maybe you hit Cara over the head with your book, but we talked about it and it is done.
God, so I have read feels the same way towards us as a parent does towards a child. Yet I always focus on how I failed, how I need to do and be better. Worthy things of course, but sometimes I have to let it rest.
Mark you just being makes me happy. I love the way kids can bring a truth into such clear focus, for us adults that complicate things so often.