Our family

Our family

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"taDA!" a little hop on one foot with the arms outstretched and a smile on his face. No reaction from the crowd, so another louder and with more feeling "TAADAAA!"

"Mikey did you finish your chalk art? it looks great!"

"yeah!" an enthused Mikey answers.

But where did he get this from? The TADA. It is great, delivered with such sincerity and no bragging intended, he just wanted to share in his accomplishment. Whatever he intended to accomplish he had and isn't that great! Mikey we joke has middle child syndrom. He is good, reliable, able to play on his own or with his siblings, he is easily overlooked. I do remind myself to take time and sit and talk or play with him. Maybe it is working because there he is open and proud and happy to share in his moment. It is one of those moments when I allow myself to stop worrying.
I remember when the triplets first arrived I worried all day everyday for months. It was exhuasting. People would whisper or just say it plainly "how will she do it?" or "ugh, I could never one drove me nuts" Then one day I was tired of the worrying and a thought formed in my mind. What if everything is okay. What if they are all just fine. What if my inability to provide each child with endless hours of single minded focus on them is actually not a problem, or at least balanced out by the fact that they have eachother. I never breathed so easily in all of my life. Because it rang very true to my ears. As the Who said 30 years ago "the kids are alright" and they are.

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