Our family

Our family

Monday, October 8, 2007

Potty training is not for the faint of heart

Potty training has begun in earnest. Cara has full command of the bathroom routine and can produce pee at a moments notice, as she drinks juice by the gallon. So every time I say "who wants to go potty and get a chocolate?" Cara sits pees and collects her chocolate and is on her way. She is going to get cavities.

Mark on the other hand has given up peeing all together. He would make a camel proud. He knows he can earn one chocolate for trying(its two for success plus a sticker) so if he really wants a chocolate he will make some half-hearted effort. This happens maybe once a day.

Mikie on the other hand is mostly cooperative, sitting on the potty with his book, he loves to read. Though in almost three days he has yet to make the potty. Often going right after I pull up his spiderman underwear. I don't think he has made the connection and thinks this is just an interesting way to peruse the latest books on our shelves.

Yesterday, at 3:15 while waiting for their funnel cake at the apple festival all three wet their pants. They thought this was great and were laughing at this fantastic coincidence.

At $40.00 for a box of diapers (the big one from Costco) I will stick with my plan for the entire week. If nothing else it is more like having cloth diapers!

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alexakissinger said...

cute kids at least they can make you breakfast in bed on mothers day sense they know how to cook