Our family

Our family

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Night-night just got a whole lot easier

I am enjoying a fantastic lull between au pairs. I am mostly home with the kids for three straight weeks, and I am over the moon about it. One of the toughest times to deal with the kids is homework and night night (and usually the only time that I see the kids at all during the week.)

And though homework is still tough because the triplets do not want to entertain themselves for the hour that the homework takes, night night has gotten much easier.

Steve has been telling me for a few weeks now, that the big boys help him do night night routine with the babies. It just did not sound like a good plan to me. But monday night they talked me into letting them help. So they each helped brush the babies teeth. Then during reading time, I read to one baby and each boy read to a baby. It was like a scene from "a perfect preschool setting" Chris was reading to Mikie a book about the earth and with each interesting fact, would say isn't that awesome? I mean how inspriring can a reading session get? While Matthew was showing Cara a shapes book and asking her to point ot several shapes and when she would get them right he would say" nice work Cara" Okay What?????Honestly I don't know who these people are! It gets better. I tell them to leave it is time for me to shut the lights and rock each triplet. "No. we wait here" they tell me. okay lets try it. The boys go to the corner sit as quiet as mice while I rock the others. Then we leave and they tip toe quietly all the way up the stairs.

Honestly that is what happened. I was so impressed. And overall my anxiety was lower because I didn't have to rock the babies while listening to things crash and fights breaking out from the boys room upstairs where they usually wait for me!

This three weeks will be topped off by the Myrtle Beach trip so it is a great spring for me, and hopefully the babies are enjoying themselves also!

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