Our family

Our family

Sunday, October 19, 2008

my head hurts!

After putting out a dinner that took a chunk of the afternoon to cook, and it of course being largely ignored, It was time for baths, pj's a little movie, snack and finally brushing teeth and bed.

I had the triplets, and honestly I move them quickly through the paces. Brush your teeth, pick a book, read the books, rock each kid and into bed.

And tonight was to be no different. I have a headache and a toothache and wanted then down. So while Mark is curled up on my lap listening to my book I touched my head and said "wow my head really hurts" more to myself then to my 3 year old in footie pajamas. But he said "oh weally? you head hurt?"
"yeah sweetie momma's head hurts."
'you want take my medicine? it red" He is so concerned.
Cara walks over and says "maybe I kiss it?" So I lean down for a kiss and go back to reading the book. The whole time Cara strokes my hair.
You wonder which moments you choose to rush through. It is so often the bedtime routine that I dread that ends up being the calmest and most connecting of all of the moments of the day.

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