Our family

Our family

Monday, August 31, 2009

If you don't like bitter please don't read

There are things I should be doing here. In this place called work. None of which have to do with writing the second blog post of the summer. Well I actually started a much sunnier post a few weeks back, but I recently ran out of cheap Chardonnay and so my disposition is quickly deteriorating.

I have 10 people in my house, now this is not the maelstrom it may be for others as I normally have 8 people in my house. Oh and in the name of full disclosure my SIL has been hosting two member's of the family for the last 48 hours. A decision made hastily at the end of a late night swim party. This has increased my anxiety instead of decreased it, because as I get older I am very definitely becoming much more darker in my outlook ( maybe they fell off the boat, didn't use sun screen or started talking about their privates again, a new and apparently hysterical topic).

So yes I have a lot people basically loitering and using up a lot of toilet paper which no one but I have demonstrated the skill of replacing. I hate to lord my incredible skill set over others but when they are of this magnitude who can resist. That is right. I can work 40 hours a week and replace toilet paper. I do indeed get a lot done.

Another remarkable talent I have is feeding these troops totally uninspired and depressingly un-nutritous meals. In fact one night I brought Mikie to tears over a hot dog, just to read the package and find out that it is 120 calories and 110 from fat. I should have just let him do shots of lard and called it a meal.

Not that anyone should think that I don't have fun, I did take 9 people on a camping trip. Where we (and by we I mean 2 of us) set up camp in a pouring rain storm and then proceeded to feed them unhealthy food in more tedious cooking situation then usual.

Despite a summer of visiting my parents at their lake front resort-like setting, dragging kids to the beach, about 10 pool parties, a gala birthday party, camping, movies under the stars, a fair of the old-style scary carny variety, late night beach walks, bike rides and pool swims, and intensive tutoring for the kids in math and reading every conversation with my superhypermom friends reminds me of what I failed to do, from amusement parks, to basketball camp I have come up short. I am worn out and battered from the summer. This mad dash seems to now be how parenting is defined, no wonder everyone is medicated (how did everyone score those prescriptions? I must be going some pansied doctors..hello mother's little helpers..and they get you through the day, get you through your busy day la, la la oh doctor please some more of these outside the door she took 4 more)

Granted it may not have been brilliant to give birth to entire neighborhood of children in 3 years time.

Next summer we will embrace the phrase "less is more".

No more feeling guilty because I can't spend every spare moment in full-throttle entertainment mode. Oh and that I don't want to, that really bothers me what is wrong that I don't want to always do fun stuff? Maybe because fun recently has meant we will laugh and have fun, while you pay the tab and chase after children, clean and cook. Oh now I really sound as bitter as you all believe me to be, oh and please forgive my but this post may have been the best 30 minutes of my summer!

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