Our family

Our family

Friday, November 27, 2009


The Brilliant idea that going to the Macy's Day Thanksgiving parade would make a perfect Thanksgiving morning hit me all at once as most great ideas do. I run the idea past Steve and he agrees it is a great idea to head into the city with the 5 kids on Thanksgiving. This is why we are married lack of clarity on the definition of fun.

Well we hit the road at 7:45 and sailed right into that glittering city. Driving down 80th st. Matthew shouts "there's Andrew!" what? oh yes it is the other branch of the Bo family. The kids and I jump out of the car and Steve drives off to find parking.

My SIL is a pro at this parade thing and she takes off. I am trying to keep up, crossing streets at dizzying speeds. Mark loses a shoe and is forced to hop across a street. We reorganize and look up to see that they have already crossed an Ave illegally. I ditch my coffee grab the kids hands and like a high stakes game of Frogger, we manage to cross the street avoiding both the police and the speeding cars.
We snake through the yard of the Museum of Natural History. Past balloons feet away from us completely inflated and lying on the street, 2 stories high even prone. We make it to CPW and single file walk though throngs of parade participants dressed to the nines in costumes of clowns dalmatians, flower pots, princesses. Smiling and stopping for pictures with the kids! We are the only civilians for a block.

We have a clear view from the steps of the museum to the street, there is only about 2 dozen people in this whole area. The kids have confetti dropped on their heads from floats, participants come to shake their hands. They can stand on the steps for a better view or sit on the curb.

But where is Steve? Finally he calls I am on 81st and CPW. We are only 2 blocks away but alas here comes Santa, and we all know this means the end of the parade! He missed the whole parade.

At the close of the parade, SIL say lets go and she hops on the end of the parade and we all follow it down to 72nd street when we exit for the park. A great walk in the park and we head back out of the city to enjoy the thanksgiving feast!

A brilliant idea after all!

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