Our family

Our family

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cara doesn't want to go to school. I don't mean she gets a little cranky, or whiny, I mean kicking screaming, punching I don'wanna go to SCHOOL! variety. It is loud and it is messy. One of us will need to be medicated soon. Maybe even Mark will need a dose or two. He is not happy with any show of emotion and these scenes has him worked up. Cara was also using the "breathing machine" or nebulizer during this particularly trying time. Christopher developed what he appropriately labeled a theory: The medicine Cara was receiving from the breathing machine must be making her hyper and in turn making her flip our about school. The next morning I prepared the nebulizer and Mark came running into the room yelling "no !don't give that to her, it makes her over-active and then she don' wanna go to school!" now if you have ever spoken to Mark you will know the big-eyed, expressive, hand gesturing emotional outburst this was. He had heard Chris's theory and was a true believer.

All of the kids really are in tune to each other and take on each persons problem as best they can. Honestly Mark and Matthew berate Michael because his eating habits are poor (to say the least). Lecturing him everyday on the perils of poor nutrition (seriously). Or a warning from me that playing with your straws at the restaurant was "bad manners". I overhear Mark warning Chris about "bad manners" 10 minutes later.

Once again at the dr.'s for a check up Michael stoically takes his shot but completely losses it when Mark had to be held down for his shot. Mikie is in the corner crouching with his hand over his mouth shouting "don't hurt my brother!"

Matthew shouts "where's Cara?!" as we leave Chucky Cheese, thinking she got left behind.
As panicked as I would be at the thought of leaving her behind. Matthew of all of the kids has more incidents of helping siblings then everyone else combined. He is a leader (some may say bossy) and can have a quick temper but the flip side is this or maybe the same side of the coin is his take charge attitude. Mark wants the balloon tied to the bed? Matt's on it, Cara is stressed, Matt will negotiate her problem for her.

Now, a few weeks later, and Mark is home sick. He missed the book fair and Michael spent some of his book money picking a book for Mark.

So many nights of Chris reading the triplets their good night books, sharing his best toys.

Between bitter arguements over prized(for the milisecond) toys and even a few punches thrown it never fails to move me to see this basic compassion between eachother!

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