Our family

Our family

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Please don't tell but....... I LOVE the suburbs

As many of you faithful readers already know I grew up in Syosset As a young adult I decided I needed something else, what I didn't know.

I ran for the door, but the furthest my daring would take me was Manhattan, but it fit the bill and I loved it. I was sad to leave for Queens, but even Queens had its advantages. Great ethnic resteraunts and not make-believe ethnic food but the real deal. I could also now get to my beloved beach.

But in a brutal betrayal to the city, I felt bad not just for the people but for the actual physical city after 9/11 The city that felt like another person, a presence in the years that I lived there, but honestly a smack that NYC will not even feel.

But now I have returned to the suburbs with a vengeance! I adore it! Love it! Can't believe I took so long to return. It is utopia, nirvana or Eden take your pick. The shopping, the parking, the spacious no-wait nail salons! The space, the even better proximity to the beach! The great schools, backyards and friendly neighbors.

I guess you can take the girl out of the suburb but you can't take the suburb out of the girl.

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