Our family

Our family

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Well it is that time of the year, a serious and somber time when the women give up dessert and the men cut back on beer. No it isn't just lent that spurs us on to a more spartan lifestyle, but preparation for the most esteemed and worthy event. That is right the Kissingers, Bo's and Ramiche's will once again grace the shores of Myrtle Beach SC.

Thoughts turn to surf,sand,and blender drinks. And since Sue must leave us a bit early this trip, maybe even a little Jimmy Buffet. This has been a family tradition for at least 40 years. Though in the past 15 the digs have been getting much nicer and the crowd has swelled to no less then 22. With the under five set accounting for 7 and the so-called adults coming in at 8, this leave only 8 more to give the group some beach cred.(rapper slang for cool). This is a tall order when you consider that our most senior member and sponsor of the trip spent an afternoon last year trying to egg on an ape to fight him. What was that apes name? I will buy anyone a beer who can recall that Ape's name ( if you are under 21 I will buy and drink the beer for you because I am a good and caring aunt).

Besides that highlight from last years trip we had the most memorable monster find by one of my very own, Matthew. First his father tried to feed his foot to the monster then his daring cousin, Sara picked the poor creature up by its tail and threw it in the water. The poor monster then had to crawl back up out of the water probably in search of its monster babies.

Easter egg dyeing was impressive and judges were all easily paid off in cheap vodka, I didn't see the deal go down but I have my suspicions.

No one from our large group felt compelled to be saved at the evangelistic church, Maybe if they had asked closer to the end of the week, we would have been a little more in the mood for some redemption.

What will this trip hold? What adventures and memories lay in wait? Sunburns and jelly fish stings, or deep tans and new swimming records? So let's pack up those swim suits and madras tops, dig out the shovels and pails, Myrtle Beach is calling and soon we will cut out of work or school and answer her with a "last one in is a rotten egg!".

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