Our family

Our family

Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Trip to Our Grandparents House!

The boys have been over the moon with excitement. Grandpa called and said he was coming to get them and bring them up to the Disney world of grandparent houses. If we could have harnessed the excitement and energy Matthew displayed for the 2 days he waited to leave we could power an entire 3rd world nation.

The boys left on Thursday morning, the triplets and I met them up there on Friday afternoon. Our first order of business was swimming. In my parents development there is an indoor pool. This is a highlight for the under 5 set. They love to swim. And I adore getting all five in and out of their bathing suits. It only takes about an hour to get everyone ready to go. It is the re-dressing in the ladies locker that is a little stressful. I am thrown the occasional dirty look as bringing in 4 boys to the ladies room is frowned upon despite their tender ages..they are all exhibitionist and the minute they are free of there suits they can't wait to show the ladies what they got.

However bathing suits don't hold a candle to 5 snow suits, 5 pairs of boots, 5 little hats and 5 little gloves, all necessary for what turns out to be 15 minutes of sled ridding.

Mark has been adding to the nerve shattering preparations for each event by howling all weekend and insisting on being in my arms, not just in my arms but in my arms while I stand. Sitting is not an option. When he does decide to go for a walk, his pants fall down. That's right about 10 different times his pants fell down or all the way off. When I try to change his pants the intensity of his screaming escalates, so grandma and I dutifully keep putting the pants back on.

The day of sled ridding and swimming were capped off with s'more making. As soon as grandpa put the makings on the table to put out a marshmallow fire the chocolate for that s'more was stolen! The evidence was quickly consumes so we were unable to bring any charges. My money is on Cara however.

I don't think any of the kids could have had a better time. My parents and me couldn't keep our eyes open for more than an hour after we got them down. The sleep of the truly weary his heaven sent!

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