Our family

Our family

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Myrtle Beach

I decided to also put the "monatage" here in case anyone who would like to see it and did not get a chance. We had a great trip, though the actual traveling was pretty miserable.

The kids had a blast, and for a week when we said our good night prayers Matthew and Christopher both thanked God for Myrtle Beach and for the sho and tell (hotel) that we stayed in on the way there and back. (I thanked God that we we didn't see any bugs at the sho and tell).

They keep asking if we can go back to the beach now. I know if the triplets could they would probably be asking to go back also! It is a great time where the cousins really get some great time together and with their grandpatents, something that is often really hard to pull off.

So here is to all of the adults that make it happen. Mostly to the grandparents for there generous contribution of footing the bill for the house! And because they bring 3 very important cousins with them. Thank you.

Also to Uncle Russ, Aunt Sue, Uncle Steve (Ramiche), Aunt Cheryl,and my husband for taking time from a hectic life, to pack, plan, and drag sometimes seemingly ungrateful yungin's all the way to the the beach! And if at times the effort seems not worth the results, take another quick look at this montage and remember all of those smiles and family memories that our children experience are a direct result of our efforts.
Click on the picture below to see the "video".

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Myrtle Beach 2007

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