Our family

Our family

Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking for trouble

Adventureland. This is where Matthew was invited to a birthday party on Saturday and where Steve and I thought might me a nice day for the whole family to tag along. And you know it was nice. We got there as it opened and the place was ours. Matthew was off with his party group and the other 6 of us hung together.

We enjoyed our little picnic lunch and then we were off to the races. Cara is fearless. There is not a ride that even makes her hesitate. Mark on the other hand had no bid for any of it.

However after about 2 hours the crowds thickened, the kids wearied and Chris jumped ship to hang out with the birthday crowd. And then I spend the next 2 hours losing and finding children. Okay so they weren't all that lost, but Matthew would join us then leave again, agitated babies walked off. Chris wandered towards carnival games temporarily out of site.

Every time I would get myself and those kids together there would be another near loss experience.

So enough fun for one weekend, no oh no! To the city we go the next day to a street fair!!!! Okay you think an amusement park is rough, well actually there is probably a better chance of encountering a homicidal pedophile at an amusement park then a street fair still.

The one saving grace is that there was a steady downpour. You may view this as a negative, however the crowds at the street fair thin out quickly in the rain, so mine were free to dance in the rain and jump in the puddles living it up, while eating soggy shish kabobs and calamari, washed down with warm, sticky zeppolis. The Jamaican music kept Cara moving and the deals on knock off bags kept me happy.

Mikies funky dance moves kept us all in stitches, while Steve hunted around for more fair delicacies!


Mikie " that's not the point!"
Cara "be quiet little man!" " my mommy says that is the point!"
Mikie: " my daddy says it is the point!"
Cara " well all the other people say it is not the point!"

Matthew " Mom! don't tell Cara that, that's not the point she doesn't like it!"
"is Jesus an Indian?'

Cara "my mommy, my mommy, my mommy!"
Me " my daughter , my daughter, my daughter"
Cara "me not daughter me Cara Sophia!"
me: " you are Cara Sophia, my daughter."
Cara " That is not the point!"

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