Our family

Our family

Saturday, November 29, 2008

4 days off!

The day after thanksgiving, we were actually thanked with kids that slept until 7:09AM.,wow. I guess the festivities on thanksgiving worn them out. They certainly did me and my MIL and SIL did all the work! Thanks to them, should they read this.

The thing about the early wake up is that as Rush would put it the kids all "get on with the friction of the day" without preamble. We are emoting, competing, eating, playing and endlessly competing from the go. No coffee or sun salutations to get rolling just GO!

There are the days when wake up time is pushed back to 6AM and I go down all serious, and tell the babies, back to bed. And off they go, giggles into bed, where they wait patently for 3 minutes and then begin the chatter. On the plus side it usually takes them 15 minutes to get up the nerve to broach the living room again.

Intelligently enough we pile them in the car and take them to black Friday. Yes. shopping at the mall. They astound everyone, by there sheer number. I was overtaken by the urge to by Cara every piece of clothing I could find. Oh the sales, oh the cute clothes for Cara. How I was so done with her old stuff. The odd thing is that it made me as happy to buy her this stuff then if I had shopped for myself. Between me and Nonni this girl is fly. Do they still say that? fly? I will have to ask the cool people who are still willing to acknowledge me or feel compelled to due to blood relationships and all.

We ate in the food court we visited the bathrooms 4 times, beating any pregnancy records. This is when I miss diapers.

Now the kids sit decked out in beautiful new Pj's and slippers, new haircuts for the younger boys and let's face it they look fabulous. Cara made out with 2 Christams dresses. The boys also got something to wear on Christmas, I mean after all if they were naked they would probably steal the show from Cara.

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