Our family

Our family

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Funny days.

It is 9:30 in the morning and we have already baked a batch of cookies! And these aren't any old cookies they are apple oatmeal cookies, why is that so hot? Because they are healthy and the kids ATE THEM! Full of fiber and vitamins oh what a day, what a day.
What made us laugh this week?
Mikey coming up to me crying "my feelings are hurt."
"who hurt them?" I ask, all motherly concern.
"I did." He replies solemnly.
"baby you hurt your own feelings?"
"yeah" he says tears still glistening in his eyes.
We need to speak to him about that negative self-talk, it is not okay! But still who will be going to time-out?
"what is sexy?" I hear Matthew ask from the back of the car. I dutifully ignore him, like the modern, enlightened parent I am.
Chris says "it means like fashion."
"no I think it means cool" Matthew responds
"I think it means fashion and cool" Chris replies
Finally I jump in with " why do you ask about the word sexy?"
'because that is what Sophie called me." Chris said.
"oh when you ran out of the bathroom after your shower?"

Observing Chris in Yoga...yes Chris takes yoga and will be taking Chess come December, he is so cool and confident!
Teacher "what did you do yesterday Chris?"
'we went to the fancy restaurant with all of my babies. We saw my sister, cousin, I mean.....Bethanie and Pete there. We ate pizza and had Ice cream. Bethanie has a boyfriend. She doesn't kiss him, or I never saw her kiss him."
The teacher has long lost interest! I love hearing their interpretations of the family events!

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