Our family

Our family

Monday, January 12, 2009

The new year is no starting out on the best of notes. The economy is in the gutter , Russ and I ditched the run the sugar cake top that I ordered did not arrive on time for the birthday party and then pink eye canceled the party outright.

One bright spot was the dance recital. Despite the fact that no one could make it but Nonni, Nonno and the reluctant twins (though they were cheered by the cupcakes offered at the reception). Mikie was not even supposed to dance, his a drop out of the program, but somehow became once again enthusiastic about the program insisted he dance in the recital. It was all really strange thank goodness the teacher was sympathetic to Mikie's lack of comprehension of registration requirements and payment requirements and allowed him to dance.

Cara is stunning in her black shimmering outfit. She doesn't seem to understand at all why she is there or what the moves are, every time she did the dance it appeared to be the first time she ever heard about it.

Mikie is all confident nonchalance, expertly hitting each move, though he has only attended one practice. When he comes out for his curtain call he is holding a bagel in one hand, seemingly neutral at being back on stage, upon spotting me, he gives a closed mouth smile, a raise of the eyebrows and a quick low wave. Putting out a vibe of "hey, nice of you to come, good to see you, I'm looking great, no?"

Mark was home with his goopy eye and his dad. He didn't even get dressed that day. Mark likes to stay in his PJ's all day. This is because he doesn't like to leave the house. everything he needs and all the people he loves are either in his house or will come soon to see him. The world outside is no place for a 4 year old as far as he can tell. Once he told us that he can't go out with us after dark, because of the dinosaurs, foxes and crocodiles. He's the kind of kid that five minutes after you arrive he is saying "can we go home now?"

Ahhh 4 years since my triple miracle. And a miracle they were! It has flown by, well okay not the first 5 months....but after that! Happy Birthday Cara so, so Mikie and handro!

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