Our family

Our family

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well we finally did it, laid down our kings ransom to get the kids up on ski's. There was varying levels of success and I am limitlessly proud of each kid for giving it their all!

It was a beautiful day, even warm, and when it wasn't torturous it was down right fun. The torture came in the form of getting skis, putting on boots skis, taking them off 20 minutes later, getting an endless supply of dry, fresh gloves, drinks and snack! The enjoyment came watching the kids take their first stab at skiing.

Matthew and Chris somberly waited in line for the skis, after a brief and trying lesson from Steve, Matthew looks at me and says "I'm going". He went, with no help not even a heartbeat later he is off, I call to Steve he can't believe it and rushes down after him. He made it fine and continues to do just that for a few runs, with a couple of glitches.

Chris quickly hands his skis off to Mikey. Chris did well, but it was just not for him this trip. Mikey was happy, if not a bit unwieldy, just freestyling it down the hill while holding onto his Dad's hand.

We did manage to lose Matt as he made his way up the hill on his own. After 10 minutes I am heading to find an authority, I check on the three I had to leave alone to do this, and who is there but Matthew and some kind looking woman. I will let you know that I didn't cry. He had gotten off track, and an instructor said to him "are you in here?" smart Matt replies "no, I am lost." and they got him to the right person to help him! That was more heart-racing then a black diamond!

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