Our family

Our family

Sunday, January 24, 2010

life gets in the way

Now there is no doubt that I am long overdue for furniture. Anyone who has visited the house of Bo in the past well 5 years may have at first felt, well these couches have seen better days; to I will not sit on that monstrosity if it were the last place on earth to sit (the later reserved for our more dramatic friends and family).

It is a strange mix of this is how I live, and you will not tear this penny free from my clenched fist that has caused the situation to get dire.

Well that and you know life. For example the beautiful and articulate trips turning yikes 5, articulate as in the "these are my buttnocks!" and "another way of saying cool dude is stinky brother" variety. There was the three parties to plan in their honor. Do you think three is not enough? Yes then I do agree with you, my faithful reader. There was the class fiesta, which entails finding the breakaway cupcakes that look like a cake.. enough for 2 classes oh no, only vanilla after specific requests for chocolate. Panic and traversing of the streets of queens followed by a phone call to three 5 year olds to assess their commitment to chocolate and when noticeably the whole articulate thing goes out the proverbial window. When do they catch on that phone calls cannot include head shakes?

Then there was the family party and mom you would be proud there was the hunt for the gifts and all! Along with a water park themed cake because last, but oh no poor wallet, not least trip to Great Wolfe Lodge. Whose pricey price tag was justified alone by the no cleaning, checking of email or other petty household distractions added up to Bo family fun!
Then of course was poor Christopher Tonsillectomy and adenoid-ectemy. A horrible ordeal with thank God a speedy recovery.

Oh yes through this was the hiring of a cleaning crew..awesome right? Cheap and good the answer to my prayers. Hey not so fast.. the hitting on by the cleaning crew leader to my au pair has ended the relationship in awkward terms. So let's breath..it is little wonder that I am just happy with a place to sit after the kids go down with little regard to aesthetics? Perhaps we are just to busy living and honestly between it all loving this life!

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