Our family

Our family

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So I have hijacked the Bo family memoirs to bring you this important news; this blogs number one fan, is engaged to be married. These great pictures were brought to you from the amazing, fun party to celebrate this fantastic engagement news.

Bethanie the bride to be is a cousin of the 5 amigos, but has often acted the part of caring aunt. Babysitting and reveling in each of thier accomplishment as only she can.

Now at the tender age of 22 ahe is setting her 'grown-up" life in order. We are all so proud and the 5 amigos are consumed with talk of her kissing Pete in a church no less!
We welcome Pete into the ever expanding familly that now conatains so many last names but will always in my heart be the Kissinger's.

Congratulations you two wild and crazy kids all the love and blessings of this world be with you!

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