Our family

Our family

Monday, August 23, 2010


Do you think that your luck can change? Or that there is anything called luck at all? I am not a big believer of luck, as the child of protestant Midwesterners, I was brought up in the "boot strap" philosophy, closely in line with the "you make you own luck" philosophy. But I actually felt my luck change this week and stay good for days (well 2 days thus far) things you can't control for.

Okay so to the beginning and a long ago planned vacation, which would have been swept under the carpet if we hadn't paid in advanced. We would have sold ourselves on the always disappointing staycation. Because it is the reasonable and good thing to do, when you are trying to sell you home, have 5 kids to raise and responsibilities to meet. But like I said we paid ahead.

So off we set accompanied by too much preparation, expectations, anxiety, tediousness, yelling and frustration.

First stop, NJ turnpike for some nourishment. Crowded, bad food, excited kids, tired parents. Not an illustrious beginning. So where is the change in luck? The silver lining you are waiting for so expectantly?

Here it is: We can't make it to Williamsburg VA before dinner. Another stop. I'm still sick from the last meal (which after so much time, fast food still looks tempting on the menu). Steve pulls off. What? the sign said the there was a MCD's but no. Nothing just picnic tables and bathrooms. But ya know we packed food for the condo. So a picnic was had. And it was good, and the kids ran. And we didn't need to keep counting them. And the moods lifted.

We made our way to Williamsburg pull into the condo development AKA Williamsburg Plantation. And it was pretty. We had gotten a good deal which can mean a bad place. So we were nervous. But open the door and wow it is pretty big, two beds, two baths. with a sauna, whirlpool, fireplace, deck, backyard, full kitchen, dinning room ,and living room. Clean, nice.

Its late we sleep. The next day is for organizing our week, and a haunted dinner, with finesse the triplets are free. This is a meal that would have cost them 30 bucks a piece. For what, a plate of mac n' cheese and a few rolls? So a good start.

Is this luck or what? No, just the beginning. We want to hit the major attractions but with 7 people pricey. But Steve, the smart guy, surfs the Internet and Viola. The most unbelievable deal on an unlimited 7 day pass for all of us. This mean Busch Gardens, Water country USA and Colonial Williamsburg.

Has our luck changed? I don't know. We had a rough time. It was hard so many little ones, the endless au pairs, ya know life. Could this be an upturn? I can't help but feel like that it might mean the beginning of enjoying a more ordinary life. One of simple pleasures and more breathing room.

I try not to cause its silly, but think maybe its all a good omen, a fresh start. and so close to the brink of buying a new house. It feel like, well like a change in our luck

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