Our family

Our family

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Virgina is for Lovers, how awkward is that?

Virginia is for Lovers! How awkward is that motto? People drive around with that on bumper stickers on their cars. Well now I can now say that I am a lover of Virginia. Yes. Yes I am.

The week managed to move forward in much the same way it began. Generally getting up each day to face down another day of fun. The kids were awesome and now we were able to ride so many rides with all of us! How fun is that? I did not spend the days sitting outside of kiddie rides watching the triplets twirl around in cars, helicopters, boats, motorcycles, planes, and various animals. No they were ready for big kid water slides and amusment park rides. Another pleasant suprise was Busch Gardens itself. Certainly not 6 Flags it was actually pretty!

Separated into countries with rides, shows, restaurants and stores in each. We ate at the ale house a huge space and a cute show. However the best of Germany was DarKastle. Off to Ireland for a great step dance show, which minutes before the start brought our own Christopher out of obscurity in a crowd of about 1,000 to center stage!

We had some great rides and Christopher hit his first ever roller coaster the Lock Ness ( which I edit to say he went back again for another turn on our return visit) , Matthew could not find a ride scary enough as even the roller coasters failed to make him hesitate! Steve and I could have shopped the cute stores for hours, but rushed in an out we did manage to purchase 3 light sabors and 2 traditional swords.

Water country USA was empty. No lines run up to any ride and on. We had a great time once Mark and Mike got there sea legs. Cara needed no transition and was seriously on the scariest rides notably the rampage. I will add that as I waited a mom and I got to talking. I told her that my 5 year old girl was on the ride. She looked at me like I was dirt and said " I would never let my 5 year old on that ride, and promptly ended an other wise nice conversation. Thats the great thing about being a mom, everyone cares deeply about your decisions. Eventually 4/5 kids tackled this monster ride, as Mike made his way on during our return trip.

Coming back to the condo for dinner was relaxing. The kids out of wet clothes and into PJ's for a quick pasta dinner, some TV and bed.

And this trip so far was voted either better than or the same amount of fun as the revered Myrtle Beach trip. this is impressive indeed.

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