Our family

Our family

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you commenters!

I don't want to blow my cover and reveal my airheadness to the world, but I never knew anyone left a comment. I thank all of you who did from the bottom of my heart. I never imagined that anyone besides my loyal niece Bethanie and my brother who pointed out my grammatical and spelling errors ( I try to pass them off as typos). Though I believed this was my harsh reality, in my escapist fantasy mode I do like to imagine that I am a world famous author that everyone cannot wait to here from! So thanks for feeding my always hungry ego by reading my little blog!

Thank you for your comments Alexa, Stacy, Nana, Lucy, Courtney, the Town Criers and Rachel from Someday is Now, her blog is Ma Juenesse and just to be sure she is much cooler than me!


malenanadia said...

Hi Lynn ......I love reading the crazy things the kids said, I don´t left any comment so Russ can´t check my errors hahahaha....
Tell me ur phone is the same or you change?
I miss you and please continue withe the stories, I miss the little crazy ones.......
Kiss & Hugs

Lynn Bo said...

good thing Russ can't read!