Our family

Our family

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

times they are a-changin's

Well what a difference 3 years can make, when all of the kids were small, I thought that was my life, though I knew they would grow, having so many little kids was just a fact I mean it was 7 years of having a lot of little kids. Ahhh but alas they did grow and now I have 5 elementary kids. And though I am reasonably sure that one day I will have 5 HS age kids, I feel so wrapped up in this that it seems that these times could never change. And honestly just like when they were littler I would be cool with that. It is hectic and sometimes stressful, but it is a full and interesting life. I have learned much more about areas, perimeters, density, handwriting and history then I ever thought possible. I take magical train rides with Santa, tour caverns, and battle ships, breakfast with Santa, ice skate, sing Christmas carols, study religion, read the classics like Oliver twist, Huckleberry Fin, Desperaux, and My Side of the Mountain not to mention, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and 3 Billy Goats Gruff. And honestly most of this I did in the month of December which will only scratch the surface of interesting new things my kids will show me this month.

I know it is corny but in all honesty I wanted to have kids so I could share with them some of the things I love in this world, I would actually picture me walking hand in hand with a kid and pointing to a great monument in some unidentified but wonderful city and we would be happy. As it turns out they are really bringing a lot of the world to me where we both learn something, but at least the happy part still stands!

Now some of the latest gems

Cara you shouldn't give mom a hard time, you and mom are BFF friends! -Mark
She looked me correctly in the eyes-Cara

I'm not gonna put this finger in the air (thumb) its the bad guy finger- no its not- oh then this one (index finger) - no not that one- then which one is the bad guy finger?- Mark

that was a half bath-leaving Aunt Ruth's bathroom -Matthew

how much are you gonna offer them- leaving a house hunting- mark

That belt represents all my hard work and training - describing his white Tae Kwon do belt after promotion to yellow belt- Christopher

How about this, if Mark has a problem I'll call you -after I called Matt's cell phone to check on Mark,disrupting
his kick ball game.

Who will be the mommy in my family?- Micheal

How do you find the person you will Marry? - 3 years ago Matthew

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