Our family

Our family

Monday, June 27, 2011

3 months of free loading

Well the last post was finished on May 2nd, and here it is June 27th and guess where we are living, come on, can you guess? A point to you if you gues: At the In-Laws. We are inching up on the three month mark. Though honestly instead of it getting more difficult and stressful, it has gotten easier and just as I began to feel the rhythm of the crowded life set in, we got a closing date. It is for tomorrow in fact, but as the motto goes hope for the best, but expect the worst.

The sellers are playing games right into the 11th hour, like turning off the electricity and trying to bill us for undiscussed work, not finishing the deck. I am not sure what is motivating their strange behavior but I will be happy when I finally can end our relationship with them.

Well as alluded to in the last post the actual purchase of the house is only the start of the adventure for us. As we all gear up to get our hands dirty getting this old house into gear for the 21st century. Steve and I did a bit of window shoping at the Home Depot. I was suprised to learn that he will need 3 different types of saws, I mean who knew? Though my father has donated at least two of these as well as every other tool we could gather from his garage and run out with.

We are looking forward to getting a week's hard labor from Joe with the strong back. I don't know the circumstances leading to his unvolunteered work, I am just gratefull to be on the receiving end.

We need a lot of it, the house has no water pressure, too little ampage, a backyard with a big hole in it sometimes referred to as a pool, an unfinished deck, squirrels habitating in the garage and possibly the attic, a basement full of mold, a wall that needs demolished and kitchen that must become a laundry room, and a living room that must become a bedroom, fences that are falling down. This is the list of necessities, the list of dream projects goes on and on. Including knocking down a wall, heating the 3 season room (which would also involve a renaming), bedroom painting, den painting, landscaping, a canopy, a pergola, gardening, tree pruning, fountain, hot tub, bacchi court, tiling deck, and don't even get me started on the tennis court.

After weeks of waiting the day is upon us and we are full of hope!

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