Our family

Our family

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free loading is fun for the whole family!

So we are coming up on our anniversary. The one month anniversary of moving the seven us and our puppy into the 1 bedroom apartment of Steve's parents house. Much different then the plan to move into the giant house in Rockville Centre, it is different and the stress is high, but this free loading stuff really is nice. Mortgage payment out. Ditto for cable, electric water and gas. My wardrobe has improved, oh and did I mention the free babysitting? Also nice. An interesting development is that each time I complain Steve hangs another shelf. Let's just say we have a lot of shelves now.

But the mess we have gotten ourselves into ( and by mess I mean the "new" house in Rockville centre) rolls on. We may or may not close in a week or two. And let's face it, it is hardly the end of the line should we make it to closing. The house is old, 100 years old, I think that we are the perfect marks for a home show. Think of the spin, we are going to be the quintessential family under construction. It is my interim project to find a TV show to put my family on. Of course I want a show that is going to foot the bill. Have any ideas? There must be the perfect match.

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