Our family

Our family

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The weekend

Wow, I am impressed with myself posting twice in one week. I just have the greatest pictures from the weekend and wanted to share them. We had a busy weekend, kicked off with me taking the 5 kiddos to my friends house for a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches. She also had another friend there and the 9 kids had a great time playing together.

Then on Saturday I dragged the kids over to the Queens Zoo. Even throwing nap overbaoud to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun. They were having the annual sheep shearing with concerts and crafts to go with it. Unfortuantely I was on my own wit the kids which is a little nerve racking. We did good though. The kids enjoyed the concert and feeding the goats.

The next day we hit the Hall of Science. They have great displays and with Chris our budding scientist it was a big hit. I think the kids liked all of the trips and in fact Matthew has pormised me a neckless, two bracelets, and a car for Mother's day. While Chris promised me hugs and kisses the whole day. It looks to be the best emotional and materialistic day of my life.

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