Our family

Our family

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth

Wow have I missed posting! I was busy getting together an elaborate monatge for my sister's birthday. I think it was worth every moment. It took some extra time because Steve and I had to learn some new programs, but it came out as I had hoped.
The party was fun and Ruth was really surprised! She deserves the accolades, she is a fantastic person and is always there for people on a dime.

We were also happy to host Russ and his 3 kids, who were in for the party. I love having them here, never picky and always fun and on the go! We took a very exciting trip to the city. For the 10 years that I lived in the city I never once visited that tree, and in the 3 years that I have had 5 kids, I've brought them every year. It is a nightmare every time. There favorite part is the train. Mikey was beside himself yelling "the train go fast!" "the train stops for the people" keeping me well informed of what was happening with the train. We rode in with Russ, his kids and Beth, so there was a ton of excitment,oh and also Dalila thank goodness for her.
I think I liked the train the best. It was warm, safe, and comfortable. Not at all like Rockafeller Center, which was cold, crowded and unsafe. Not to be buh humbug, but it is no place for 3 two year olds! I can't help but wonder if I will do it again next year...and complain again!

Now we are revving up for Christmas, and everyone knows that I get more excited then the kids about Christmas, sending the whole house into energy-high gear!

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