Our family

Our family

Monday, December 10, 2007

These are the days to remember

Last weekend was so exciting that the idea of staying home and decorating for Christmas was very appealing!

I feel so at ease this Monday morning because of the peace that actually reigned this weekend. We began decorating on Sat. morning, the kids were so excited to open each box of decorations! They helped me hang the red ribbons on the windows, and put garland on the knoll posts. I don't think any of us even got dressed until noon. We played Christmas carols, and if you looked past the occasional melt-downs it was a near perfect morning!

Feeling pretty relaxed I decided to start with my Christmas sugar cookies. Normally a disaster for me, when we got a phone call...my future au pair's sister was coming to town and could she come by? I was pretty nervous, but her and her friend arrived, and the were a delight! They stayed of dinner and were fantastic guests. We are hopeful that Jessy herself will be as fun and energetic as her big sister!
We ended the night by going to see a crazy decorated house in town. These people raise 10,000.00 for St.Mary's children's hospital each year!!!!! It was a really awesome display.
That night I made Steve cut out the sugar cookies and he did a really great job, they looked perfect! Could this be the year of the successful sugar cookie?

On Sunday, we headed out to the science museum which all of the kids love! and then we spent the afternoon making chocolate chip cookies, but more importantly on the cookie front, is that after they went to sleep, I decorated my sugar cookies...and they look AWESOME!

I know this all seems so impossibly sweet and perfect, and I have to say it was exactly that: impossibly sweet and perfect. I hope I hold the picture of this weekend in my heart forever or at least for the week, as I have to leave my babies for work and hustle the big kids to school. Why is everything with the kids so bittersweet.

"these are days to remember 'cause they will not last forever, These are the times to hold onto, though we won't although we'll want to. These are the times and the times are gonna change."-Billy Joel

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