Our family

Our family

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And then they were 3

I can't believe that the triplets turned 3 yesterday. It was three years ago on a Friday night when we rolled into the hospital hoping for a shot to calm the contractions when they told us I was good to go. We called Nadia our au pair to tell her we would not be back that night, then we called out parents. My parents packed up and prepared to come down and stay with us for three long months.

All three were healthy from the start Mark weighing in at 5.12 Michael at 5.4 and Cara at 4.12. 9 days they spent in NICU mostly for observation and little time basking under the Billi lights.

We were so anxious to get them home and begin our lives with 5 children under 3! It was tough going with the around the clock feedings and diaper changes with everyone pitching in relentlessly. Friends brought food and everyone who lived in the house worked nonstop. It was exhausting. At 5 months we finally got our first full nights sleep.

Now they chat up a storm, Cara tells me she is a big boy now, but she thinks her only options are baby or big boy...so she is going with big boy. They count sing the alphabet, identify colors and ask ask and then ask some more questions!

At this age I love taking them around to new places as they never fail to find even a mundane trip to the supermarket an invigorating experience. They bring a smile to the face of strangers and make me feel proud everyday.
Mark my fearless, dancing, graceful child
Mikey my stoic, kind, train obsessed boy
Cara my stubborn, quick, and beautiful girl

I love you more than words will ever say, I love you more then you will ever comprehend. You are always a blessing even in the most trying of times and all or our lives are better because you are here.

Happy Birthday

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