Our family

Our family

Sunday, February 3, 2008

good times

We have been out and about and having a good time. Last weekend we took the kids to the city both Saturday and Sunday, enjoying some of the fantastic free events offered up by that paradoxial city, where you find play spaces charging 3,000 per year per child ($15,000.00 oh my! oh wait there is a 10% discount on siblings no problem then)and free events that are unbleievable. The one we chose was sponsered by a pharmaceutical company trying to convince parents that there kids needed to experience better living through pharmacueticals from birth on. Anyway they had a magician, free hot chocolates, a reading room where you could take the books home, a carasel, golf, all under a big hot-air tent. Wow!

This weekend however their was work to be done at home and errands to run. I think we may have had just as much fun here. Delila joined us for dinner on Sat. night and Steve made a rockin' meal and I made brownies for desert. The kids were great For the past 2 weeks I have had them eating with a tablecloth and real plates, so at our "fancy" saturday night dinner they understood passing the plates, waiting for grace ( I married a catholic so now I say things like grace), staying at the table ect.. So it was fun, and very party like. I was really proud of them and it was nice to have jessy and Dalila with us.

They went to bed late and of course got up early, 6AM actually, but they are hanging tough watching too much TV while Leo and the boys have a kickin band practice in the living room. This is a new thing picked up from Sara, Brent and Joe...uh thanks guys? mostly they let their two key boards kick out christmas tunes, while the guitar plays a Hannah Montana tune and they play the drums, maraccas and they other guitar that puts out rifts a la eddie Van Halen.

We are looking foward to the winter festival in NYC next weekend where they make snow and you can sled, snow board and eat ice cones! But really even at this early date our minds have turned to Myrtle Beach SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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