Our family

Our family

Friday, October 1, 2010

advent calanders

Yes it is only October 1st, but it is on my mind. Maybe it is because my forward planning mind has forced, okay he is bigger than me, so forced maybe the wrong word but I don't' like nagged Steve into ordering the costumes for the Most Reverent Holiday Ever so early that I can begin nagging, I mean reminding Steve and everyone else about the next Most Reverent Holiday ever. I've always like advent calenders. I remember loving this ritual and even past college my great and by that I mean fantastic aunt sending me an advent calender in the mail. A reminder of tradition, when I was far from it life wise.
Now I see wooden advent caladers which, I'm not sure about, I mean one advent for all 5: I usually get two one for each "set" Plus I used to love seeing all of the designs a reminder of Christmas like the smell of tape, that wrapped each present.
In the past I have experienced what the young might term Epic Failure in the terms of decent advent calenders. Okay not all true last year I got the ones with chocolate from the dollar store. Really I had found them two years ago and bought four of them. Oh there it is i served them all one year old chocolate for advent, and they were ugly. Not the chocolate it wasn't ugly the calenders were, must I clarify everything?

Okay so I would like to make a strong showing this year. Where can I get not permanenet advent calenders? Besides the dollar store people. Now It is early but when I lived on the UES ther was a German deli that would have them and be sold out early, and as a single twenty something early may have been December 24Th, who knows, but here I am now, all grown up and hoping to score the kids a good Advent Calendar. So where do you get these?

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