Our family

Our family

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well the highest of holidays have come and gone once again. This revered celebration and the boon of party cities everywhere was a three day event. Parties and junk food in abundance. Unfortunately Mikie was down with Scarlet Fever. So crazy right, sounds as archaic as the Black Plague. So he and I slept much of the holiday away (sympathy sleeping on my part, I am a dedicated momma)

The house looked great, scary music, five jack o' laterns lining the walk, and of course the remote control rat...gets them everytime. Matthew won a mummy contest at one party as evidenced by the pictures above. The boys even told some great Halloween jokes at their den meeting.

The insessent house shopping also continues. I was impressed when Matthew commented that his Aunt Ruth's bath was a half bath, but to top this is Mark with, "this is the trap, the sewer trap", and "what should we offer them for this place?" I mean he is five!

On to the rest of this great holiday season!

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