Our family

Our family

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sure I'll bake a cake or 8

I have to bake a cake, or let me clarify I have to bake 8 cakes and then assemble them into a diamond shape, with each square of the diamond representing a different Cub Scout den. I have to do this you see, because I volunteered to. Yes I raised my hand to that call out, oh no not even a call out, they were going to get a sheet cake from Costco. I derailed their plans because at the time baking sounded like fun, unlike today when baking sounds like torture. Ok well not the first 2 or three cakes, fine but 8, who besides the cake boss has any interest in baking 8 cakes?
I wondered out loud what we would bake when our boys were the featured "moving up" boys, perhaps we could make one of those ones that a lady pops out of, maybe Delila would be willing to pop out? It would be interesting, if not a bit disconcerting.

Besides the cake, I will also be in charge of entertainment and games. This has turned into the Bo show. It may be because I feel badly that we will be leaving the den, that despite it all I have become attached to. My over enthusiastic volunteerism is my way to apologize? Or perhaps to point out how much they will really miss me when I am gone, I don't like to be forgotten.

I will post a picture of the cake better or worse whenever it is done.

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