Our family

Our family

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Posts in the graveyard

This is a graveyard post. It is were I am putting the remains of not one but two great news posts.

The first is of the dog, yes a dog Rocky the Rockstar Boomer Bo. But alas I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of him before he was hospitalized with a horrible virus called Parvo. It is costing a small fortune and he is in mega bad shape. I unfortunately said ungraceful things like "the dog is half dead" which Cara is cheerfully informing everyone, which is a bit disconcerting coming from a ponytailed kindergartner. Now all you judges before you say "why would you get a dog, is your life not hard enough?" I will tell you this I as you may have discerned am not interested in gliding through life, but actually experiencing it, and all of its attended stresses and rewards. Does that or me, always look pretty or even happy as I troop through the things I take on? In a word no. But all of you glossy, well rested, unruffled people can take your boring lives, it just isn't for me. Feeling a little defensive, yes I am , how did you ever guess.

Okay graveyard post number 2, this would be that next weekend is the much anticipated move. We are still moving alright, just not where we had hoped. Instead we are off to my MIL's house. All 7 of us and our half dead puppy (I am afraid this name might stick) At least it will help us pay the vet bills. So into a 1 bedroom apt we go. It is so hard to imagine that this will happen in 7 days, when I had been so looking forward to getting into the house, buying decorating magazines and looking at pictures of stone fireplaces. We are still hoping to save the deal, but really who knows at this point?

It would be great to wrap this up with something meaningful but it is after all a graveyard and there just isn't much to say.

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