Our family

Our family

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here I rarely post about my professional life I have my Accent Master blog for that. However today was a cool day. I went to a business Woman's luncheon and Katie Couric spoke! What a fantastic event. I have been a huge fan of hers since the beginning of her national career. Mostly it was light topics, one thing she did say in response to a question was this "Making time for me, means spending time helping others and interacting with them, that is when I am the happiest."

I feel so relieved to hear this. Not that my "me" time is necessarily helping others, but it is not a mecentric hour in a "personal sanctuary" that I created in my home for this purpose, or journaling each night. No. i don't have time for that. The pressure to make time for that seems big right now. Not in my head, but in every "woman/mom" geared magazine that exists, from Oprah to redbook. They preach the virtue of alone time and if you don't make time for it your health, family and marriage will surely suffer irreversible damage.

I don't particularly enjoy forced me time, especially when tomorrow's lunch is not packed for the boys, or content needs to be written for my DVD releases deadline yesterday. My so-called me time is playing duck duck goose with the kids, or ushering them to an unhealthy and cold germ infested McDonald's' then I feel the most relaxed. That feeling of I am where I am supposed to be feeling. It was good to hear someone else say that the me time is just not sitting around overpriced aroma therapy candles, but actually being involved in an action that brings you peace.

On a wholly different note: Matthew went to sleep with the map of our Myrtle beach campground clutched in his hands tonight. So we have begun officially waiting for Spring break. Oh Matthew also had a brilliant idea. We should get two dogs and name them Myrtle and Beach so when they run away we can yell "myrtle Beach!"

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