Our family

Our family

Friday, February 16, 2007

Are we there yet?

I woke up this morning to the 10 degree temps and the frozen tundra which is Bayside Queens right now. I snuck quietly down the stairs to get ready for an early day at work. An 8;30 client made it necessary to get a move on. I hear the babies starting to stir in their cribs. Dalila is up and getting ready for her early morning. Despite the fact that her friend stayed with us and they were up chatting until late.

The babies woke up and boy were they upset! Usually so happy in the moring this morning was obviously going to be different. Maybe they were peeved that the au pair came to get them instead of their mom, though this could just be wishful thinking.

I have to go, after the boys are finsished with preschool we are heading up to the grandparents. By we I mean just little old me and the 5 screaming amigos. The early morning screaming does not bode well for my weekend.

We get them relatively calm and I go off to work. Where I sit in my office waiting for my no show client...when the phone rings and my patient husband says that I have left the house with the keys to all three of our vehicles. whoops. I have a real problem with keys. Loosing them, stealing them..you name the key crime and I am guilty.

I pick up the boys and drive them to school. I head back to work. I am anxious to get home and pack, get the boys from school and hit the road for a 3 hour drive. But another phone call and it is the sad news that the roads are closed, people have been sitting in their cars for up to 15 hours, the national gaurd is sending in hummers to rescue the stranded drivers How do I miss this news? I really can't say.

The boys took the new exceedingly well, over their slice of mommy guilt pizza. We headed to the library for videos to help us get through another long weekend at home. I was starting to look forward to a cozy weekend at home, when Mikie first threw up, then he threw up again and then Matthew threw up then he threw up again.

Make that a cozy and gross weekend.

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