Our family

Our family

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let's get this blog rolling

Well today I got this blog set up. I have tried this once before and even figured out how to get a picture on the blog, but then all was lost and I never figured out why. I can tell you that at that time I had 5 children under 3, so the loss was even harder to take!
I finally got all five kids to sleep and thought I would try once again. I am the mom of twin boys who are 4 and triplets that are 2. It is hectcic life to say the least and at times I love my unique position and other times it can make me feel a bit overwhelmed.
We were lucky in that all five of our children are healthy. They were born big and close to full gestation so we have no issues complicating our complicated lives. Our biggest baby that takes all of our attention is our bussiness. We have our own and it is consuming. We are never quite finished with work.
Well lets' see if this blog sticks or if I lose it once again. Tomorrow I pack up the five for a trip to the granparents house. They are three hours away. My husband will not be joining me because of the big baby I mentioned before. Wish us luck on those frozen icy roads tomorrow

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Stacie said...

Hey, it looks like it stuck! You are my hero, with twins AND triplets, and I am awestruck (and a little jealous - 2 sets of multiples, how wonderful is that!).