Our family

Our family

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mark aka little dude

This is Mark on his 2nd birthday only 6 short weeks ago. A dare devil of kid, he will be giving even Matthew a run for his money in a year or two. He insists on things going his way, only sits in seats that he has chosen will not eat 'baby food' eating only what the grown ups and Matthew choose. This includes Chilli, tomato sauce, chicken on the bone and obviously cake.

Thanks to Mark, we now have a new nighttime routine. It used to be that sometime after supper the babies went downstairs to hang out for a few minutes before bed, while the boys enjoyed a movie to wind down before going to sleep. This no longer holds water for the triplets.Mark realized first that he was being short changed and when I would call the kids to "abajo" he would run to the couch grab a small pillow and put it on his lap and sit as quietly as possible waiting for the boys movie to start. Any suggestion that he go downstairs met with frantic screams, and once arriving downstairs he would throw himself in front of the den door and sob until someone opens the door and he would run to his spot on the couch and sit again (he actually has a "right spot" and will forcibly throw anyone out who tries to sit there-thank goodness the big boys are so understanding!) So now all five enjoy a movie, however it is necessary to still put them down first if you are home alone to put all five down.

So now, we have the boys shut the TV and the lights and all five kids say their good night on the stairs. The boys head to their room until they get the all clear, and then they tip toe back to the living room. This is the only way the triplets will go to sleep. The babies love saying night-night. For now this is doing the trick. After the good nights they all head right to their room and begin fighting about who will be rocked first...yelling rock, rock!


Lucy said...

Hey Lynn,
How are you doing? I wish you luck on your blogging expedition. I have forgotten how funny you are. The kids look great and we miss you all. I will try to keep reading. Lucy

The Town Criers said...

It sounds like you have a fantastic routine in place. The double cuddle is so good--I can't imagine also getting a triple one every night :-)