Our family

Our family

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boy genius and Boy brave

We strongly believe as all good parents do, that are kids are brilliant, beautiful and put on earth to save the world, but we are finally getting proof positive that Chris is brilliant. He is 4 and consistently knows his left from his right. Not only that but he will say "no mom the one on the left. "

He knows all of the planet in the solar system He knows why we can't live on the other planets. We have had other glimpses of genius from him. He can read all of the road signs and has a firm grasp on sound letter relationships. What any of that could possibly lead to of course is impossible to know...it could be nothing or it could be a Westing house scholorship. I just find it as riveting as Britany's new hair style.

The next day after considering boy genius, I was introduced to boy brave AKA Matthew. We took him sled riding for the first time this afternoon. He had never been before, but soon after hearing the words sled riding sometime earlier this week. He has been talking about going. He didn't know for sure what sled riding was but he knew it was for him. And wow was he right. We trudged to the top of the hill, and the first thing he said was I want to go down alone, no grown ups! And that was it. Off he went like a seasoned pro. Starting our forward spinning around, going backwards and falling off were no deterents to his daring do.

I absulotely cannot wait to back with the babies. Let's see who ends up sitting it out in the car and who will follow Matthew's lead!

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