Our family

Our family

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Schools out

Well this is a vacation week, which means much scrambling on my part to keep the kids entertained, because honestly the idea of 9 cold days sitting around the house watching elmo and the wiggles well, not so good. Of course if I was mom of the year I would plan toddler friendly crafts (what they may be I can't say, but certainly would not include glitter) and wonderful baking projects. The baking's biggest weak spot is that I seem to eat more of it then all 5 kids combined.

So we head out. The triplets love to go out. It is one of greatest things about hanging out with 2 year olds, No matter what the plan they are down for it. They see you reach for their coats and a frenzy of emotions and activity ensues. All want to be first and are willing to use some muscle to get to the front of the line. . There are fist fights, tears, laughter, and screaming(from the kids, that is) as we head into the van . The second order of business, in the kids minds, is to find the diaper bag. Because they know there will be snacks! They love snacks. Though breakfast ended only an hour ago everyone wants to score the best snack before they will even consider getting into their car seats. The problem with that is the best snack is consistently whatever the other person has. So inevitably their will be more heightened emotions. I spend my time buckling in people and helpfully either yell or mutter: Why am I taking any of you? And other parental gems.

The thing I admire most about there enthusiasm for outings is that they don't have any idea what the outing will lead to. They could be going for a 12 hour trip, to a weeks vacation, or a five minute car ride to go get shots at the DR's. They truly epitomize the saying of "it is not the destination but the journey".

Apparently by 4 these soft sentiments have passed and attention to minute details rules. Where are we going? with who? when? which car? will we eat lunch there? who will sit next to me? Will there be a bathroom there? Can I use it? What will I eat for lunch? Why isn't Alexa coming? Will Brentie be there? Sara? Can I bring my sunglasses? book? toys? Why do we need to where these coats? where are we going? who will be there? Will Alexa come? Why don't you call her mommy? Did you bring my drink? in my cup?...you get the picture. I don't know if the repeated questions are because they didn't hear me or they have distracted themselves so much they have forgotten the answers. My modes operands is to answer patiently for about five minutes then tell them they are not allowed to speak until we arrive. They actually seem to like when I get to the point of telling them to stop talking. They lean back in their chairs and munch peacefully on their snacks.

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