Our family

Our family

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Camping montage

Click the picture and play the montage. The pictures are much better than that actual weekend. We had a rough trip down and Ami's health was in swift decline. However those kids were in heaven. Their Aunt Ruth their favorite Aunt in the world, was living next door! Matthew's biggest challenge was to go knock on her door he was so nervous. They loved having special time with Marty and Beth. They love those guys and who can blame them. They are endlessly patient and are always up for another toss of the ball or walk.

Having Gram and papa there is of course sends them to the stratsphere of excitment. They love spending time with them. Cara is particuarly attached to Gram. Her face just lights up when she sees Gram. Even when whe was very small she would react so happily to seeing her Gram. I never understood it but..... only kidding.

That said Mark has taken to Papa quite nicely, I noticed this for the first time last July at the family reunion he was rough horsing alot with him and he continues to feel braver and braver with dad agian a mystery to me...but who can account for taste?

It was nice to see the babies starting to bond with Marty and Beth. Beth and Mikie seemed to find some common ground and spent some quality time together which is fantastic.

Thank you all for coming down and I hope that everyone walked away with good memories!

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