Our family

Our family

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pre k Graduation

I can't believe it, my big boys are truly becoming big! Graduating from the pre-k program and all ready for the "big kid" school. Home-schooling is looking better to me everyday. Can you imagine them eating their little lunches in school? I just cannot imagine them trying to open their little milk box and putting the straw in. How will they nap? What if Chris doesn't like the noise? What if some of the kids are mean? Do you know that the kindergaten will be eating with the 8th graders!! They use a buddy system. Chris better get the nicest buddy that ever walked the school yard or I will in that school taking names and..well you know the rest. By the way, Matthew wants to be a worker (read: day laborer) and Chris wants to be a tonado catcher (I think they are supposed to just chase the storm but Chris wants to catch them before they hurt anyone)

I remember last summer Matthew used to have some difficulty with the bigger boys next door. I remember him shouting over his shoulder as he climbed the cement divider between our properties, "you are not my friends any more! And you will never play in my backyard ever!"

I was so hurt for him. I met him as he climbed over the divide. "what happened?"
" they made me wet momma, even though I said no make me wet!"
in ear shot of those boys I said to Matthew loudly "your right! They are not your friends at all, they only ask you to play if there is nothing else to do. Don't play with them ever again!" I could have honestly cried. So I brought Matthew in...Don't you know 20 minutes later he says " momma I'm going to go outside and play with the big boys."
What was this, we hate those boys, you and I will just be friends. Ah but he was over it. And don't you know the next day I was opening my car door and who pops up but the nieghbor kid. "uh I am sorry about well, yesterday, and um, Matthew got um wet, it was like um an accident and I'm like sorry"
Well that was that. They are as thick as theives now, and I realize my boys can hold their own. Each year a little more steady.
I used to think parenting, marriage and home ownership looked like the most boring prospect in the world. I succefully put it off until the very last moment but now I see it is really the most breath-taking ride in the world.

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