Our family

Our family

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's day

We had Minneapolis not 3 weeks ago. Then a camping trip punctuated with extra stress do to Ami death. I was beginning to think we just could not bear anymore stress. I felt exhausted and a bit overwrought. So when Father's day rolled around I had pretty much nothing left to give. I didn't buy any body anything. Thank goodness for preschool teachers and their clever arts and crafts projects.

Chris decided we should go to the planetarium. There is a beautiful one on Long Island. I said fine, but didn't even have the energy to pack up a picnic. So I sent Steve out to pick up things appropriate for a picnic, forgoing the peanut butter and Nuetella sandwiches we normally endure.

I dress the kids nicely and we head out. They fell asleep as planned in the car on the hour drive to the Vanderbilt planetarium. The peace! The quiet! We arrived and headed right into the show. All five kids were perfect. Entranced by the show. Only Cara calling out STAR! SUN! which is useful information, was there any outbursts at all.

We then walked the grounds until we scouted the perfect picnic grounds. Steve had packed a picnic fit for a king! cheeses, fruits, crackers, lunch meats, drinks. Our spot was shady and surrounded by open fields, where literally my kids chased butterflies and each other. Cara's beautiful curls bouncing in the sunshine as she ran about. We were like a family from an Eternity perfume ad.

There was no fighting, no stress, no problems. We ate, we played and we had the best day or our year so far. I really mean it. Of course we didn't have our camera. I think that just had to be. No one else perhaps can really see even with pictures and words the intimacy and joy even a large, overwhelmed family such as mine can really share. You just have to be there, but to be there you have to make the huge sacrifices and the missteps that me and Steve have taken to finally achieve the moment.

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